portland towers

gps: 55.706902, 12.596954 / code: daecop0165

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location: copenhagen

architect: ‎design group architects

completed: 2014

photo: 18/05/14




the silo

the silo project is part of the transformation process of the northern harbour area of copenhagen. the former 17-storey high grain silo was redesigned as a large residential tower which is also housing public functions. while the the original façade was covered with galvanized steel, the rough appearance of the interior was kept in the original state.

gps: 55.70807, 12.59784 / code: daecop0164

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location: copenhagen

architect: cobe

completed: 2017

photo: 18/05/14


IMG_5652     IMG_5635

the crystal

the very basic design concept was to create a building which should communicate between the harbor and the city. on the one side the building rises to interact with the opposite buildings. on the other side, the free space under the building allows a visual connection between the surrounding streets.

gps: 55.67055, 12.57527 / code: daecop0066

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location: copenhagen

architect: schmidt hammer lassen architects, sla

completed: 2010

photo: 18/05/10


IMG_5082     IMG_5081


the fyrtrnet project (danish: the lighthouse) is located at the  entrance to the residential area on amerika plads. the building has  height of 48 meters and comprises 15 stories. the complex is both visible from the city and from the water. nevertheless, the design is also unusual as the tallest part is growing narrower toward the top, where it ends in two-story penthouses.

gps: 55.6975, 12.59305 / code: daecop0032

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location: copenhagen

architect: lundgaard & tranberg arkitektfirma

completed: 2007

photo: 18/05/12



grundtvig’s church

grundtvig church is a combination of a typical the danish village church and the gothic cathedral. grundtvigs church was built in memory of the great danish poet priest grundtvig (1783-1882). the original name of the church was grundtvigs minde-kirke. 

the architect and engineer p.v. jensen-klint won a second prize in 1913 in a competition for a memorial to grundtvig. jensen-klints proposal was a gothic-inspired tower. despite the second place, it was his suggestion that ended up being realized when it turned out that the tower was supposed to be part of a new church.

the foundation stone was laid on grundtvig’s birthday on september 8, 1921, and in 1927 the the tower, was completed. then the construction of the remaining church began, but when jensen-klint died in 1930, the son kaare klint had to complete the construction of the main ship, the crypt and the church’s fixtures. the final initiation took place in 1940.

despite the size, there is a marvelous calm over the building, which is due to the regular wall surfaces created with the yellow brick as the only building and decoration element.

gps: 55.71666, 12.53388 / code: daecop0040

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location: copenhagen

architect: peder vilhelm jensen-klint

completed: 1940

photo: 18/05/12