krøyers plads

the krøyers plads was realized on extraverted location is  in the heart of the copenhagen harbor area. the small compelx consists of three five-story housing units which are aiming to continue the historic warehouse structure along the harbour. folded roofs and architectural heaviness create a dialogue between old and new.

gps: 55.677, 12.59559 / code: daecop160

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location: copenhagen

architect: cobe

completed: 2016

photo: 18/05/10


IMG_4964     IMG_4961


p-hus ejler bille

the parkhouse on ejler billes vej offers space for 600 cars for the growing southern borough of copenhague. the parking house is devided into 8 levels and with a total height of 21 meters.

the phouse is wasbuilt by the german contractor max bögl, who was economically most advantageous in the tendering process. the german company is a relatively new player in the danish market, but has more than 6,000 employees with extensive experience in the construction of, among other things, car parks and motorways bridges in germany.

the façade of p-huset ejler bille was designed by jaja architects, who also stands behind p-hus lüders in nordhavn. the materials are cortex and brick in alternating scale and patterns. the project includes a budget for the p-house, which will eventually be partially covered by green plants.

gps: 55.623152, 12.575139 / code: daecop0161

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location: copenhagen

architect: jaja architects

completed: 2008

photo: 18/05/10


IMG_4724     IMG_4733

kalvebod fælled skole

the kalvebod fælled school is located close to the royal area in the south of copenhagen. at the construction site is located on the fringe between the city and nature, the architects have chosen a circular shape tn soften that conflict.

the center of kalvebod fælled school is a big hall for sports and activities with an open view from all floors. the building itself consist of three elements: the circle, the sports hall and the landscape.

gps: 55.62422, 12.56961 / code: daecop0162

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location: copenhagen


completed: 2018

photo: 18/05/10


IMG_4696     IMG_4703

mediatheque andré-malraux

the library andré malraux was installed in 2008 in a former warehouse within in the historic heart of the former freeport of strasbourg. this district has been the subject for a decade of great urban rehabilitation. the building which is occupied by the new media library, consisting of a silo and a warehouse was originally built for the port autonome by the architect gustave umbdenstock.

abandoned since the 2000s, the place was chosen in 2003 to host the media library. the project management competition was won by the office jean-marc Ibos and myrto vitart.

the former warehouse has been emptied and constitutes an entrance hall with an overhang of nearly thirty meters. The existing raw concrete has been valorised by being covered with brilliant resin, so as to preserve the scars of the experience of the industrial building. the spaces are crossed by a red ribbon, a kind of conductive thread, deployed in sharp angles on floors, ceilings and shelves, throughout the building.

gps: unknown / code: frastr0011

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location: strasbourg

architect: jean-marc ibos, myrto vitart

completed: 2008

photo: 18/04/07


IMG_1051     IMG_1060

gare de strassbourg

the station of strassbourg was built by the german government in 1881. the construction of the station accompanied numerous large-scale impovements of the transport system like car-friendly streets and new train tracks.

gps: 48,585000, 7,734440 / code: frastr0001

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location: strassbourg

architect: johann eduard jacobsthal / jean-marie duthilleul + rfr

completed: 1883 / 2007

photo: 18/04/07


IMG_0603     IMG_0594

san mamés stadium

the construction of the new san mamés stadium was planned in two steps. the façade has over 2,700 slats that are all identical and distributed in five levels. each piece consists of a metal frame built with a circular cross-section profile. iaso has developed a hidden fastening system, which is integrated inside the profile. the white sheet is perfectly tensioned. the result is a unique façade; permeable to vision that allows natural ventilation of the building.

gps: 43.26423, -2.94942 / code: spabil0017

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location: bilbao

architect: acxt

completed: 2013

photo: 17/07/24