urban podium

the urban podium was conceived as a large urban stage. only two service cores – 5m in height – rise from a 50cm high base. between these two volumes a roof covers 30m in free span, with the resulting open frame forming the stage. the stage space has a double orientation, both towards the square and the water, making it possible for performances to be viewed from both sides. a further possible viewing arrangement could be to place the audience itself on the ‘stage’.the southern service core accommodates a stage curtain measuring 70m in length when unravelled. depending on the event taking place, this curtain can be used to adjust the stage size, or even completely transform the stage itself into an enclosed ‘curtained space’.

gps: 51.92132, 4.48382 / code: nierot0019

link to google maps

location: rotterdam

architect: atelier kempe thill

completed: 2009

photo: 17/06/04