floating pavilion

the floating pavilion was planned by deltasync / publicdomain architects and consists of three linked dome constructions with diameters of 18½, 20 and 24 metres respectively and a height of approximately 12 metres. the total floor area is 46 by 24 metres. the pavilion is connected to a floating platform that is joined to the quayside by two bridges. the geodetic domes are made of steel and covered with a lightweight etfe-foil membrane. this material, which is a hundred times lighter than glass, was previously used in the construction of the olympic swimming pool in beijing.

gps: 51.90631, 4.49305 / code: nierot0080

link to google maps

location: rotterdam

architect: deltasync / public domain architects

completed: 2010

photo: 17/06/04


IMG_3322     IMG_3317