markthal rotterdam

in october 2004 mvrdv won the competition for  a new market hall in the center of rotterdam. the building was designed to meet the desire of the community to offer more capacity for services and housing. together with the building company provast, mvrdv found inspiration in the south of europe and recognized the potential of local market buildings as the driving force behind the revitalization of the urban area “laurenskwartier”.

gps: 51.92006, 4.4868 / code: nierot0004

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location: rotterdam

architect: mvrdv

completed: 2014

photo: 17/06/04




patio island

four rows of patio houses make up patio island, with the middle house of each row linked to the street by narrow passages, allowing for the potential hanging paintings or storing of garden tools and bicycles.  each house has a separate rooftop unit positioned to prevent visual intrusion to and from the neighbours.  the roofs can be reached from the patio via swimming-pool type ladders and used as terraces, presenting themselves as a possible meeting place for neighbours.

gps: 52.03799, 4.36945 / code: nieden0056

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location: den haag

architect: mvrdv

completed: 2005

photo: 17/06/03


IMG_3137     IMG_3120


in the western part of the amsterdam harbour an extensive urban operation has transformed a former dam and silo building. a mixed program of housing, offices, work spaces, commercial spaces and public spaces are arranged in a 20 meter deep and ten-story-high urban envelope. the apartments differ vastly in size, price and organization, which appeals to a changing demography and the desire for individuality.

gps: 52.39233016967773 4.89061117172241 / code: nieams0012

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location: amsterdam

architect: mvrdv

completed: 2003

photo: 17/06/02


IMG_2629     IMG_2627